GCP Programs


Education is a big part of the Growing Community Project, and we want to make sure that everyone can garden.


Community Gardens

Community gardens are open to anyone who would like to participate. It's okay if you've never gardened before. We are working on creating a mentoring program, and there is probably someone in the community garden who can help out and answer questions. Is there a community garden in your neighborhood?

Volunteer for Veggies

There are Volunteer for Veggie (VFV) beds located at the Food Share Garden, the Plymouth Garden, and Exploration Garden. Anyone can come to the garden, help weed, water, and harvest, and in return you can take home as many veggies as you need. The rest of the produce is donated to Food Share. There are scheduled hours for volunteers to stop by. Please check the Upcoming Events for days and times.

Community Classes

Every year we host a series of free start-to-finish gardening courses. Last year these included building raised beds, starting a garden, transplanting, composting, canning and preserving, and putting gardens to bed. Please check upcoming events to find out when the next classes are.

Tool Library

Each garden site has a tool shed with communal tools. Tools are expensive, especially if you only use certain ones once or twice a year. This way you can "check out" the tools you need for free.


Thank you for your support!


With your help we will continue to serve as a model for creating
sustainable community gardens in Helena, and addressing issues of
food security as well as striving for economic, social and environmental
justice. To help make sure the Growing Community Project continues
to be a success, please send a donation of any amount to:
The Growing Community Project, 32 S. Ewing Suite 109, Helena, MT 59601.

Top photo: GCP steering committee members and staff with author Mark Winne. Bottom photo: GCP steering committee, 2/2010

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