We will post documents from our gardening classes and other materials for your reference

AERO Publication "Building Community Gardens in Montana"

Garden Manual

HCTV broadcasts showings of GCP gardening classes!

Class #1: How to Start a Garden

Janet's Handout
Richard's Handout
Montana Garden Varieties

Class #2: Soil Preparation and Container Planting

Jim's Handout 1
Jim's Handout 2
Jim's Handout Soils 1
Jim's Handout Soils 2
Jim's Handout Resources 1
Jim's Handout Resources 2

Class #3: Raised Beds and Cold Frames

Jeff's Handout on Cold Frames

Class #4: Composting and Natural Garden Solutions

MSU Composting Guide
Compost Guidelines Posted at the Gardens

Class #5: Food Preservation

National Center for Home Food Preservation
NDSU Extension Food Preservation Resources

Class #6: Cooking From the Garden

See the Recipe section in Community Discussion for recipes from Margaret Corcoran!

Class #7: Putting Your Garden (and Veggies) to Bed

Richard's Handout 1
Richard's Handout 2
See the Recipes page for Janet's dill pickles and zesty salsa recipes!

Steve and Cindy Baril's Organic Pest Control

Organic Pest Control

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